Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Archaic Sex Slang

Here's a bunch of dirty words you CAN say on television because no one has said any of them in over 100 years.

Male Genitalia

Old Adam
Adam's Arsenal
Auld Hornie
Aspersing Tool
Aaron's Rod
Bag o' Tricks
The Baldheaded Hermit

Female Genitalia

The Attic
The Amulet
The Altar
The Agreeable Ruts of Life
Cock Chafer
Aunt Maria
The Alley
The Alcove
The Affair


Back Scuttling (doggie style sex)
Frenching (fellatio)
Ammunition (semen)
Dairies (breasts)
To Break One's Teacup (To lose one's virginity)
Backdoor Work (anal sex)
Venus' Curse (Venereal Disease)
To Give Back And Belly (to accommodate a man thoroughly)
Cock-eyed (horny, in the case of a woman)
To Accouple - to have sex
Firkytoodling - making out


  1. You made up "firkytoodling" didn't you?

  2. Strangely enough, we used to have this old-fashioned saying, scalper le Mohican, i. e. to scalp the Mohican (for "frenching" ^__^) that apparently has no counterpart on the Mohican Tribe's native shore...

    Great news: I (finally!) received my copy of Minister Jade!!!!!!!
    (I had to order it from, 'cause it's seemingly not distributed in France) ... I'm simply amazed! You did a wondrous job putting together truly well-researched elements of Chinese lore, along with canonical super-hero stories ingredients, into an incredibly original story! I hope it will some day find an European publisher!

  3. Thanks Tororoshiru! In retrospect I feel like I could've made the story shorter and had more action, but it was my first book so I guess mistakes are inevitable.