Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Master Jesus live at Nerd City!

Check out the new webcomic by the great Len Kody, illustrated by yours truly.

Bitten by a radioactive deity, mild-mannered carpenter Jesus of Nazareth gained the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of the Holy Spirit. He became: MASTER JESUS! After years of training by the eastern masters in the deadly martial arts and guided by his mentor, the wise and eccentric John the Baptist, Master Jesus must now bring all his Kung Fu skills to bear to aid the beautiful and mysterious Mary Magdalene in a secret mission that will bring him toe to with the allied forces of Heaven, Hell, Church, and State! But the Master Jesus is not alone in his quest because the Twelve Ninja Apostles got his back.



  1. Fucking John started a fucking Master Jesus thread on the mother fucking Bendis Board, god bless 'im --


    But I don't got a Bendis account so I can't hump it or bump it or pimp it or pump it or whatever goes on over there... :(

  2. yeah. saw you posted on it. super cool.

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