Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Zuda try

After conferring with my people (aka my limited edition velvet painting of dogs playing poker) I have decided to wade back into the waters of heartbreak and attempt my fourth go-round at (I wish I could quit you Zuda).

The comic I'm submitting is called The Bloodwite and it's a spooky, magicky tale set in medieval Russia. The heroes are skomorokhi, wandering entertainers/sorcerers who are hired by a shady boyar (nobleman) to entertain at a village wedding. When they reach their destination, however, they discover the real reason they were hired, and it brings them face to face with an evil from the depths of hell itself.

I'm still finishing up the art on this one. Hopefully it will be accepted by Zuda. And after that, hopefully the Zudites will like it too. And this time I promise, no annoying accents! More info as it develops!